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Culturally Competent Counseling SincereSessions 

Rev. Shanay Scott, MDiv

About Shanay Scott

In 2016 Rev. Shanay Scott obtained her Masters of Divinity from Wesley
Theological Seminary. Shanay utilizes her Master’s of Divinity in Pastoral Care and
Urban Ministry to coalesce around social justice, provide a pastoral presence for students
who participate in campus ministry and serve as an immediate responder to students in
crisis. She is also the founder R.S.V.P. (Reconstructing Sisters’ Visions and Purposes), a
non-profit organization with a mission of spiritual and holistic wellness for women
seeking community and wholeness. The organization has grown tremendously since it’s
inception in 2013 and is now one of the largest student organizations on Lincoln
University’s campus. Shanay is a black female counselor that takes pride in providing professional mental health services for minorities. 

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Types of Sincere Sessions

Direction Signs

Spiritual Direction

 A 45-minute call designed to help clients listen to their own inner voice. A practice of exploring desires, call, gift set and purposes. During a spiritual direction call clients are also led and equipped to listen to the voice of God (or higher power) as a compass for their life and decision making. 

Candle and Berries

1 on 1 Counseling

This counseling session is geared to helping individuals deeply explore emotional and spiritual trauma. This is a 30,000 foot view of an individuals life and how their behaviors, patterns are producing a certain outcome.

Making a Heart


The couples counseling sessions are designed to mediate any consistent conflict that arises between partners. This session helps partners to help hear one another, assess love languages and provide tools for conflict resolution. 




Sincere Sessions is available to support your marriage in many capacities. 

We offer customizable support and offficiating for your special marriage event.

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